I Dream of Ibiza May 15 2016

Our planet contains countless hidden paradises waiting to be discovered. Places where white sand meets green water under our dazzling sun. However, few of these paradises offer the opportunity to partake in a nightlife and party scene as ridiculous as the one in Ibiza, Spain.

The island of Ibiza sits just off Spain’s eastern coast, about halfway between the mainland and the island of Majorca. If you’re in Europe, to miss out on flying to Ibiza in the summer is a shame! It is one of the premier nightlife and electronic music hubs in the world.

Flying to Ibiza is fast and cheap from most European capitals. Low cost European airline RyanAir offers flights ranging as low as 31 Euro ($34) from Barcelona to 90 Euro ($100) from Paris! See below for more ways to save on travel costs.

What It’s All About

Ibiza is all about partying. Period. Especially in the summer, the club scene is sprawling and out of control. We’re talking about tens of thousands of tourists raging in dozens of different nightclubs at night until the sun comes up. Then it’s time to sleep until noon, where most people head to the gorgeous, sun-drenched beaches. The evenings are filled with tasty Mediterranean cuisine, ambient music in cafes, and world-renowned sunsets.

Are you sold on it yet? You should be. Because in everything I just mentioned, Ibiza boasts some of the best in the world. Take these examples:

 The Music - Some of the world’s best DJ’s have been playing at Ibiza clubs for decades. Take Carl Cox for example, who has been playing in Ibiza at the Residence and Club Space for 23 years, was voted Best International DJ and Best Techno DJ of 2015 by the DJ Awards. He’ll be ending residency this summer, but he’s just one of many world renowned DJs who frequent Ibiza, including Judge Jules, Luciano, Steve Lawler, and Dave Pearce.

The Beaches - The island is about ten times the size of the island of Manhattan, so the amount of beaches to choose from can be overwhelming. Most of the beaches are so great that you really can’t go wrong, with white sand and warm, blue-green water everywhere.

The People - The demographic of Ibiza visitors is young and fun-loving. Although the island’s local government is trying to slowly change its image, people don’t come to Ibiza for museums or sight-seeing. Young, attractive tourists from all over the world flock to the island, especially in the summer, to free themselves of inhibitions...and clothing.

The Nightclubs - The nightclubs are world-class in Ibiza, with many to choose from. The most famous and popular are:

  • Privilege - The World’s Largest Nightclub. Literally. The Guinness Book of World Records bestowed this title for its capacity of 10,000 people. Its main room is the size of an aircraft hanger and features a swimming pool.

  • Amnesia - A landmark in Ibiza since opening in 1957, Amnesia is world renowned, including several Best Global Club awards.

  • Space - Another winner of the Best Global Club award, Space is right near the airport, so the roar of jets flying over the club while music is playing is one of the unique features that devoted party-goers love about it.

    7 Ways to Save on Travel Costs to Ibiza


    1. Book your flights with RyanAir, one of Europe’s cheapest airline options in the region.
    2. Book your hotel as far in advance as possible! The smaller (cheaper) hotel options sell out first.
    3. For clubs, pre-purchase your tickets online instead of at the door. Use
    4. If you’re going to the club in a large group, find out the prices of bottle service, as it could be cheaper than individual drinks.
    5. Pre-Game it! Duh. Alcohol from supermarkets is much, much cheaper than the clubs.
    6. Download the Ibiza Bus app and take the bus to the clubs, which is much cheaper than the taxi cabs.
    7. Split cabs with other nightclub goers whenever possible!

    3 Pro-Tips for Getting the Most out of Ibiza

    1. Master the Art of Hangover Recovery -  Mix cold, filtered water with Raveolution Recovery Formula in order to optimally replenish your body with vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants every morning so that you can head to the beach feeling alert, recovered, and energized. Make sure that water is ice cold! Why? Ice cold water will boost your metabolic rate and increase absorption.

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    2. Learn Some Pick-Up Lines in Spanish - While English is widely spoken on Ibiza, it can’t hurt to memorize these gems:

    ¿Estás perdido? Porque el cielo es un largo camino desde aquí.


    Are you lost? Because heaven is a long way from here.


    Si te digo que tienes un cuerpo precioso,¿me lo restregaràs por la cara?


    If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?


    Disculpa, ¿Sabes cuánto pesa un oso polar?


    Excuse me, do you know how much a polar bear weighs?


    Suficiente para romper el hielo, hola me llamo….. (insert name here).


    Enough to break the ice. Hi my name is…..


    3. Wear Sunscreen - Duh. It’s easy to fall asleep on the beach, especially after a huge night at the clubs. A severe sunburn is a quick way to ruin your vacation, not to mention increase your risk for skin cancer! Slab on that white stuff as much as possible.

    ULTRA…Broke? April 30 2016


    When festival season kicked off, as the dust settled after Ultra Music Festival in Miami and Beyond Wonderland in SoCal, many attendees felt the effects of the weekend on their bank balance and credit cards.  Everybody works hard to save up for these events or to recover from their debts afterwards. It’s not cheap, and the costs of having a magical weekend can add up quickly. For the typical out-of-towner, these are the major costs for an event like Ultra:

    • Tickets: $299 for early birds to $349 for payment plan tickets ($1250 for VIP but who’s dropping that kind of dough?!)
    • Hotels:  Depends on how nice of a room you need, but unless you want to be in a Super 8 in a bad neighborhood, you’re looking at ~$140 per night, for 3 nights.
    • Flights:  Obviously depends on where you’re flying in from, and thankfully domestic airfare costs are at their lowest levels in the last decade, but you’re still looking at an average round-trip ticket cost of at least $350.

    Let’s stop right here. Already, we’re talking about a bare minimum of ~$1,000, and that’s just to show up and attend, without eating, drinking, Uber charges, and all the health supplements you’ll need to recover from each night!


    For one weekend of fun, that’s a lot of money. Here are the top five ways to shave a good chunk off that cost next year while still having an awesome experience:

    1. HOTELS

    Download the app and check out the available coupons available for when you book using the mobile app. You should be able to knock $30-$50 off your stay. Don’t forget about AIRBNB. You don’t need anything fancy, you’re not going to be spending much time at your accommodation other than sleeping, right? Hunt for AirBNB deals ahead of time, and make sure to message the owner to confirm details, such as how many people you are allowed to have stay there.


    Set a Calendar reminder for September 29, 2016 to check to see if early bird tickets are available for 2017. This is the date tickets went on sale last year and should be the same this year. Also, check back on the official site for updates.


    Hack your Flight Cost: this is a biggie, and lots of people just buy whatever the cheapest flight is on aggregate sites, like Kayak or Expedia, without going the extra mile to really see if they can save. Here’s what you can do:

    1. Check the airline’s website to confirm buying a ticket through them isn’t cheaper. Sometimes it is even less than what travel sites are advertising.
    2. Sign up for a branded airline credit card and begin putting all of your expenses on it to churn miles. (Of course, pay it off and don’t be foolish with credit). A great domestic one is the American Airlines cards, some of which offer 50,000 miles for joining


      Prevent wasted downtime due to recovery during the festival. And don’t fall into the trap of taking a ton of different supplement pills and aspirin to allow you to keep going even when you’re exhausted. Simply purchase some Raveolution Recovery Formula and have it ready to use each morning at the festival. It is important to optimally replenish your body with vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants! This will allow you to fully enjoy your experience, and to keep going when other people are biting the dust!

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       If not, you’re looking at wasting a lot of money on over-the-counter supplements. You would be popping 10+ pills instead of drinking 1 tasty recovery drink. Even more, you’re not getting sufficient electrolytes, and you’re not improving your hydration! See what the people are saying about Raveolution Recovery Formula below, and how subscribing to the REVIVE Club can save you over 40% on your supplement costs!



      From your hotel or AirBnB to the festival, it is best to use UberX to save money and to be safe. Remember that you can use the “Split the Fare” feature in the App with friends to prevent them from “forgetting” to pay you back. And use the “uberRAVEOLUTION” coupon code to save $15 on your next ride!


      Sometimes it helps us to visually see and plan how much we are truly spending. You work hard to save your money, so it's beneficial to see how it's spent!